IPSIS PACTIS offers specialist legal services consisting of the review, drafting and negotiation of all types commercial contracts with a special focus on contracts for the commercialization, development or use of technical goods or services. For instance contracts related to technology, software/ IT or intellectual property but even contracts used in the pharmaceutical industries or typical for the oil & gas market.

IPSIS PACTIS was established in 2010 by Jorika van Duijn-Wiersma a Dutch qualified lawyer with wide-ranging experiences and skills in the drafting and negotiation of contracts , which she acquired during over 20 year of in-house senior (global) legal and intellectual property (IP) roles with various industries.

With Jorika’s comprehensive contracts related capabilities and by making use of result driven, pragmatic and state of the art working methods IPSIS PACTIS is able to offer its clients, such as large corporations, start-ups and smaller companies as well as Law Firms and IP Services Firms, high quality, (and where required) creative and client specific contract related solutions in a very efficient and cost-effective way.


Large Corporations

In-house legal or commercial teams who have to deal with high volumes of contract related work during shorter or longer periods of time can benefit from the flexible services of IPSIS PACTIS.

Start-ups & Smaller Companies

If you cannot dispose of the service of an in-house legal specialist but you require assistance with review or drafting of your (technology- related) contracts, IPSIS PACTIS provides the required support on an as needed basis, as if you would be working with your own in-house legal or IP counsel.

Law Firms & IP Services Firms

If you have insufficient resources or time to meet your client’s contracts-related needs or if you would like to outsource your (M&A due diligence) contract review requirement for technology and IP related contracts IPSIS PACTIS can offer support for shorter or longer periods of time.

Jorika van Duijn-Wiersma | Managing Partner

Prior to establishing IPSIS PACTIS, Jorika worked for eight years as Senior Legal Counsel at Shell International in the Netherlands. In this position she provided comprehensive intellectual property and legal advice globally and was responsible for (and gained valuable experience in) the drafting and negotiating of (complex) and often high value contracts in different technical areas and for various commercial applications, such as for example patent licensing, IT and software related procurement, joint industry development , technical services, (joint) operation and research. This role required her to look at contracts not only as means to gain or maintain legal protection but also as instruments to appropriately achieve short or long term commercial benefits !

Before she joint Shell Jorika worked for over twelve years with other technology (related) and innovative companies in different industry sectors in various functions and roles, such as for example: Senior Legal & IP Counsel at Lely Industries NV, the headquarters of a multinational corporation engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of highly innovative and high-tech dairy and agricultural equipment and robotic systems; Senior Consultant at Licentec, an independent technology transfer organization supporting universities, companies and venture capitalists in the commercialization of technology; and Legal & Trademark Counsel for Yamanouchi Europe BV, the European headquarters of a multinational corporation in pharmaceuticals.

Jorika received her Masters degree in Dutch Law of the Open University in the Netherlands and she passed the Dutch Bar exams. In addition to her legal background and qualifications Jorika holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam as well as a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht.

Although trained and qualified as a Civil (Dutch) Lawyer Jorika is also familiar with English contract law.

Remotely whenever possible...

Jorika works from the office of IPSIS PACTIS which is located in the south of Sweden but by making use of state of the art communication tools, high-speed Internet connections as well as modern appliances like cloud services and secure client portals , Jorika is able to provide her support remotely which keeps the services of IPSIS PACTIS affordable for clients. IPSIS PACTIS is flexible and available for a single project or on a lengthier retainer basis.

...In person when needed...

Sometimes it is however beneficial to engage with clients in person, so on request Jorika is available to work from the offices of clients (in the Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia) for shorter periods of time. Furthermore, she can assist clients with face-to-face discussions or contract negotiations at other geographical locations, globally.

...Multiple Languages

IPSIS PACTIS provides its contract drafting and negotiation services in English or Dutch. Contract review services are offered for contracts written in English, Dutch, German or French.

Contracts reviewed, drafted & negotiated with an understanding of what really matters

Contract drafting & negotiation services

IPSIS PACTIS handles all matters relating to commercial contracts from drafting, structuring and review to conducting (face-to-face) negotiations. Jorika is comfortable dealing with a wide range of different agreements in various technical area’s and for a variety of commercial purposes. In the performance of these services Jorika will not only focus on the legal details of a contract but she will also consider contractual aspects required to appropriately achieve commercial or other for the client important benefits.

List of Example Contracts

Contract review services

In-house teams and attorneys responsible for due diligence work can benefit from the support of IPSIS PACTIS for review of IP and technology related contracts. Benefitting from Jorika’s extensive experience in the assessment of legal, technical and business implications of a transaction and her skills to identify terms and conditions that could materially affect the scope and value of your company’s or your client's commercial or IP position and assets, IPSIS PACTIS is a valuable partner in performing these due diligence tasks.

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